Thursday, May 1, 2014


Day Six - Victoria English Charm

Fine Art Photography and More......
" I love photography and the creativity it allows me, I try to find beauty in the smallest or most everyday things..."


Blue Boat

Still Waters

Portrait Photography

Day Five - Paula Art

Unique Found Object Industrial Decor for your home or office. 
"My collectible art is hand made, using as much recycled, reused, and reclaimed items as possible."

Metal Wall Clock, Industrial Decor

Distressed Metal Kitchen Caddy, Utensil Holder, Industrial Decor

Paula's second shop:  Industrial Bloom

Metal Flower, Garden Art

Day Four - luckduck

The wonderful collage work of Paula Guerin
"Inspiration for my artwork is mainly drawn from life's ups and downs, nostalgia, a sense of humor, and my favorite hobbies. "

Original Mixed Media-Art Deco Style Collage

Mother's Day Art-3-D Expression of Love-Art Card

You can see more of Paula's work and learn more about her
shop and processes here:

Paula Guerin
Owner, Shipper, Creator

Day Three - Renata and Jonathan

"Jonathan produces mixed media illustrations of hand drawn sketches and digital painting techniques.  

Baby Horned Owl

"Renata started out making found object jewelry and her discovery of precious metal clay opened up a world of creative possibilities and helped her find her ultimate passion."

Personalized Silver Letters Wax Seal Necklace.

Digital Art Downloads

Johnthan also has a collection of his own royalty free art on Digital Art Downloads on Etsy.

Instant Download. Mischievous Raccoon Iron On Transfer

Day Two - Bent Edge Alchemy

Amy's shop is full of "

artistic endeavors of the perpetually curious girl"

One of a kind Whimsical Paper Mache' Bird

grass green shibori hand tie-dyed cotton tunic

Day One - Nostalgic Warehouse.

Crystal's fab shop is full of the most interesting vintage finds from vintage fashion to strange and wonderful exotic items like these Chinese Health Balls!

Mystical Shouxing Stress Balls with Chimes

You can also fine home decor items, collectibles and much more.
Take a minute and drop by, you'll be glad you did!

Silver Mid Century Ice Bucket, Silver Plate Ice Serving with Lid, Retro Mad Men Style

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